Friday, February 19, 2016

Date Day: February Vacation Edition

The week of February vacation saw a rare thing. Pat and I had three days off together. I was sick but we tried to make the best of it. The first day was the first time I had really been out of the house in quite a while.

Well it was Tsum Tsum Tuesday with the first installment of Star Wars! I have seen two of the Star Wars movies but I love certain characters like Ewoks! I was beyond excited because this was my first actual tsum tsum Tuesday in stores! I literally dragged Pat through the mall at 9:30 in the morning to be there for the opening.

In case you were wondering what I have on my head, it's a ewok scarf.

And an r2d2 bow to top it off.

These were what I came home with. I was second in line and very pleased. I also got a medium Ewok because who could resist! After that it was off to Kane's Donuts for my first time. And I was not disappointed.

I ended the day by finishing my book in bed. How I finish most days.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Still Sick

I'm still feeling like this:

The only perk to not being able to hear out of on ear is I can turn onto my good ear and don't have to hear the sounds that emerge from this:

Also, because I have conjunctivitis I've been using the YouCam app to put my makeup on because I can't wear eyeliner or mascara which are staples to my everyday life.


Monday, February 15, 2016

Transformation Tuesday

Hey y'all!

It's been one month since I've been on this new workout program I found on Pinterest and I wanted to show you the progress. I'm not normally one to do something like that but this blog is not only about my misadventures but also bettering myself. I've muscled through four hard weeks and I think I need to step outside of my comfort zone.

The top left corner is before I started working out and then the four weeks follow. The picture where I'm in purple is the final week of the month. Small but noticeable differences. I'm hoping in the long run this will make me feel better overall not just with body image.

And Lucy likes to help out with sit ups.


"Heart Attacks"

I love holidays! Most of all I love decorating and doing fun crafts to decorate with. My new favorite Valentine's Day tradition in decorating is "Heart Attacks". Last year I took heart doilies and wrote nice things on them and placed them around my house (I was still living with my parents). This year I decorated my own place and my Nanny Fam's place and gave everyone a heart attack!

This is my Nanny Fam's place. They added more but that was a lot of art projects for one day. We made hearts out of paper using our hands and using different length papers we made twirly hearts.

I didn't get a picture of my place but I had doilies and hand hearts and in the bathroom mirror I wrote Reason Why I Love Pat on sticky notes in a heart shape. Super cheesy.

B and I also made Valentines for his class and I'm very proud at how well he did. I just gave him the pieces and he did the rest.

Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day!

I'm back!

Happy belated Valentine's Day and happy get chocolate half off day!

True love right there. And naturally I got some chocolate but it took four stores and was around 11 a.m. when I got them. I should have gotten more but decided I did not need the amount of chocolate that I would have consumed had I gotten more.

The real purpose of this post is to tell you about my Valentine's Day and why I haven't posted in a while. Now for my sappy love story.

I have been sick for quite a while, coughing, stuffy nose, etc. I have had a lot of ear pain too. Yesterday it went to the next level. Not only was I in extreme pain but I also lost a majority of my hearing. I kind of freaked out. I was in excruciating plus my eyes were all gunky. I decided to wait until Pat got home from work and see what to do from there. 4 p.m. rolls around and Pat and I are on our way to the emergency room. Nothing like a romantic evening in the ER.

While we were waiting in the tiny little room, we were kind of bored and getting a little antsy. So to pass the time Pat started looking in the cabinet and found some tissues for him to use. He also decided to use the barcode app on his phone to barcode me, all the boxes, and the machinery. Finally, we had a humming contest. It started with him humming to himself and then escalated to me joining in or continuing where he left off. We at least made our own fun.

Finally, after waiting for about 2 hours the physician's assistant comes in takes one look at my eyes and ears and said, "Yep you have a raging ear infection and conjunctivitis." gave me a prescription and sent me on my way. We decided to do take out because it was 7:30 at night and we had to make it home for The Walking Dead. After checking all the pharmacies in the area they were all closed, so on stop one for chocolates I filled those and got it over with.

After stopping for food we came home to the futon with our scallops and ice cream and enjoyed The Walking Dead. And then he surprised me with these:

I am in love with him and the shoes! And we ended our night to this:

I did dress up but the outfit lasted an hour while I went to Target and was then replaced with feetie pajamas.

Now we're all caught up on my weekend let's talk about today. Pat had to work. I was stuck at home because it's school vacation week and I was going stir crazy. Perfect time to drive an hour to visit my family. Except I'm contagious.

My mom didn't respond until I was halfway there so I spent the day at my parents' and tried not to touch anything.


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Not Getting Married

As Valentine's Day nears B, my oldest Nanny kid, was learning about it in preschool. After school yesterday he says very seriously, "I'm not going to get married." Naturally I asked him why. He replied, "I don't want one of those angels to shoot me with their arrows." That too me is a totally acceptable answer. I wouldn't want to get shot by one of those arrows either. He then adds, "The only way I'll get married is if there is cake." Well lucky for you B there's cake at most weddings.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Why I didn't post

So if you remember I posted earlier this week about being sick. Well it escalated and I was quite sick. Hence why I didn't post yesterday. I also didn't post because I was exhausted from having 16 vials of blood drawn for my rheumatologist. (Fingers crossed we find something for once) I get very sarcastic when I am kind of nervous I'm at the doctor's. Especially when I'm getting my blood drawn or when any needle will be stuck into my body. But I got a cookie dough donut and frozen hot chocolate out of it. Oh and 6 pizzas. Yes 6 boxes of pizzas to last me the week.

 I also had my yearly physical. Which Pat so nicely drove me to. After about a half hour with the doctor she decides she's all done and is about to go print out the paper work when she turns and asks if she can meet Pat. Sure why not? Well Pat thought she was interesting and she loved Pat like most people who meet him do.


Tsum Tsum Tuesday January

First: I forgot last Tuesday was the last Tuesday of January. Second: I had no energy to post yesterday. You'll find out in my post later today. On the last Tuesday of the month I will show you all the adventures my Tsum tsums have had over the month. Generally I carry around two. Sometimes others make it in.

This month I carried around the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and the Hulk. The Hulk took one picture because he was a late addition but the White Rabbit had fun.

 Hulk was protecting me when Pat worked a midnight because the White Rabbit was too busy worrying about being late.
 I call this Flight of the Tsums. Scuttle, Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Chernabog, Baby Pegasus, Baymax, Dumbo, Zero, Owl, and Cupid Mickey went for a short fly around the living room.
 The White Rabbit went for a whirl on the teacups at mini Disney World.
 Snow White enjoyed this book about an autistic boy who was helped by Disney to better his life and social skills. (Such a good book)
 The White Rabbit and I started After Alice. We still haven't finished.
 The White Rabbit and I were late for a very important nap time date.
And finally a Tsum party took place with my Nanny Kids.

Pat is very supportive of my Tsum Tsum addiction even though they get thrown at him.

That was it for the month. Soon I'll post more adventures.