Friday, March 25, 2016

Proof Jenna and I are the Same Person

Jenna and I became really good friends really fast. She is now one of my four bestest friends.
You will hear plenty of stories about us. But today I want to tell you how we're the same person.

For Christmas last year she got me Disney Guess Who. Naturally we had to play it right there, in the dining hall. Well we only played two rounds. Both rounds we chose the same characters. Halfway through the second round I stopped, looked at her, and said, "Please tell me you didn't pick Marie." She did. And I had too. I'm pretty sure we both have the same mind and we definitely finish each others........


Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Many Faces

I make lots of different faces. Please enjoy the following:

 I can be serious
 My beard is real
 I can out sass you
I should have been a cowgirl 
 I'm warm for once!
 I can't breathe through my nose
 I'm going to hit someone with this mallet
 How do I use this?
 Yes I want to build a snowman
 Rock on
 Uhhh...I don't know
I think there's something in my eye 
 I'd make a good looking cop
 Do you have tickets to this gun show?
 Let's address the elephant in the room
I scrunch my face when I'm excited
 At peace
 Please stop taking pictures
 I forgot how to smile
 I can be really happy
 I got my own fire helmet
 I will take you down
 Haters gonna hate
 Nap time
 I can't see
 I'm done with today
 All the love
 I'm possessed.
 What am I doing?
 Can I please taker her home?
 Look at the squishy
 This lollipop is as big as my face
 Making a very important phone call
 I'm too legit to quit
 I mustache you a question
 I will eat this in one sitting
I am unamused
 I look incredible
 I don't want to guess anymore
 Poppin' tags
 Must squish the baby
 I'm stuck
 My precious
 Ms. Tough Guy
 I didn't choose the thug life.
No I will not. 
 I just want to be warm
 I am the walrus
 Why can't I play?
 I touched the butt
 Your hair smells
 But but the elephant
 Beer is gross
 Please let me out
Yes I see you judging me for eating a hot dog at Five Guys