Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Living Furball

This story is from 6 years ago. Way before I had Instagram so this isn't on there.

My family had a cat named Spooky (you guessed it she was a black cat) who shed like crazy! She was a short hair cat but produced so much hair. There were comtantly dust bunnies around our house. Not from lack of cleaning but because the cat shed so much and maybe a little lack of cleaning. (Love you mom) One day I decided to bring one of our buddies to life.

I left it there for quite a while and I think we just accepted him as part of the family.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

My Animals

Before we go any further into the more present posts I should probably introduce my animals. I've talked about a few of them but I might as well introduce all of them and then give you their stories in later posts.

This is Lucy. She is fluffy and loves to be pet and cuddled.
This is Bear. He just tries to eat all our food.
Lola, Charlie, and Irwin are our ducks. We had another named Ralph but he met his demise on the front of a truck. I didn't really like him anyway.
Finally, our newest addition Snickers. He is a rascally beagle.


Saturday, September 24, 2016


We're going to go backwards and forwards so eventually all the posts will meet in the middle but you see my past and present. This is a present post.

On Friday I had my first massage. It was really weird but very nice. Here I am at 9 a.m. I'm exhausted and late because I thought snooze was a good idea. Oh and I couldn't remember if you drink lots of water before or after a massage so I downed a huge water bottle.

I get there and all the receptionist kept saying is, "we're running out of time." Like yes I know. Can we just skip to massage? I know I was late.

I meet my massage therapist and she's super nice. I go in the room and undress and lay under the comfiest blanket and I knew I was going to have to try hard to stay awake.

My massage therapist comes back in and moves the blanket and I was like, "hey I liked that blanket." (disclaimer: I didn't say anything you read out loud)

She starts in on my shoulders which were suuuuuper tight. And I have to say that that part hurt. But whatever I was still trying not to fall asleep but also be totally Zen and banish all thoughts from my mind. Okay, yeah, tell my ADHD that. I move my tongue around in my mouth because I read somewhere that the average human can fall asleep in 7 minutes if they're absolutely still. I had an hour and I was determined not to fall asleep.

At this point we're halfway through (my shoulders are so tight she spent a majority of time on them) and I have to pee from drinking all that water! Obviously I can't do anything about it until we're done.

She starts doing what I call the rolling pin (this was my favorite) and used her arm like a rolling pin and my back was dough. It was heaven.

She lifts one arm to rest next to my head. And in that moment I have a very big concern. When was the last time I shaved my armpits?? I knew she would totally go judge me with her co-workers after if she saw my hairy pits.

Next came my feet. I don't really have nice feet. In fact I have tyrannosaurus rex toes. But I knew I shaved my legs recently and so they were barely pokey. The challenge here was when she massaged my feet. I wanted it down but knew I was ticklish. I had to use all of my remaining will power to not laugh or flinch.

When she finally flipped me over with about ten minutes left I was concerned whether I should close my eyes or keep them open. Well I didn't want to be staring at her awkwardly so I closed my eyes.

All I could thing about was how cold her breath was but at least it smelt good.

My mind wouldn't stay still long enough to create a full thought but I enjoyed It and didn't fall asleep.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Living With Anxiety Part 2

Anxiety is hard. It's not all black and white and it can be overcome. Bear got outside last night. Bear who has just turned into a people loving cat.

This picture was taken probably about 5 minutes before he got out. My dog was making barfing noises and I took him outside so he wouldn't ruin anything in the house (he didn't end up getting sick) I walked him around for a bit and we went to go back inside. I open the door and bam! Bear is on the wrong side. I immediately panic. Bear was a feral cat and you could see in his eyes he remembered this place and loved it out here. I took out treats and shook them which usually works like a charm except when the cat has something more valuable, like freedom. I couldn't get near this cat who just fifteen minutes ago was loving me and wanting me to pet him constantly. I got our cat leash in case I could get close enough to grab him. The dog wouldn't stay inside and was eating all of my bait so I went to the next best thing and shut him in my car. He loves cars so he was happy while I was panicking. I was determined to get this cat back and at that moment because we have fisher cats (or bear weasels) that live in our backyard and they weren't taking another one of my pets. So initially my anxiety triggered a fight response. I called Pat still panicking and as my rock he told me to calm down and grab a blanket to see if I could cover him. Just a two minute phone call made me realize I needed to be cool and collected but still work fast. I noticed Bear was running circles around my car and not venturing further when I walked near him. I realized I just had to approach this a different way. I had to get him to go away from me instead of come to me. I quickly locked our other cat in the bedroom and chased Bear around the car and just as I predicted he ran straight into the house when the door was open. Saying I was relieved is an understatement. I've worked for months trying to get Bear to open up to humans and he finally loved us. He may have regressed some after last night but he's home safe. All I had to do was breathe and reevaluate.


P.S. I didn't forget the dog in the car either.

P.P.S. Thanks Pat.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sickness Survival Kit

So here again I blog of sickness. It wasn't long after the first sick post that the second one showed up.
This one differs slightly. There's a different book and a new box of tissues. Still have some water but added honey to the mix just in case it's "allergies". I would eat two spoonfuls of honey a day. The thought of it makes me cringe now. I love honey but in such high concentrations nuh uh. Oh and the TV remote. I rarely watch TV so I must have been really sick if I was watching TV.

To be continued....


The Summer of Flowers

Who would want to spend their summers taking a plant summer class....this science nerd here. I spent 12 hours a week looking at plants, dissecting them and classsifying them. It was an awesome summer. A good friend of mine was in the class and I probably spent more time sticking my finger and scalpel under her microscope than looking at my own plants. I'm not great at school. In fact I'm a dropout. But the classes I did take (four years of them) I at least tried to have fun in. We spent the summer exploring state parks and woods looking for different flowers. It was that summer that I felt at one with nature until I picked the plant because then it was dead. But I sat and studied plants for hours. I still do it from time to time but it made me appreciate flowers more and taught me to stop and look at them.

Take some time to look at flowers.


That Time I Owned The Batmobile

In college I owned a flat, matte black car. It was a 1994 Ford Shadow. It didn't take me long to figure out I could use chalk on my car. It started as flowers along the door.
But soon revolved into the Bat Mobile. Everyone knew my car. I would leave home everyday with chalky hands to ensure that there was a bat symbol on the front of my car. 
It was a task to make sure that the Bat symbol was always there. One day my friend's dad had made me two magnets of the Bat symbol. I didn't have to draw it anymore. Instead I just stuck one of the magnets on the front.

My sister and I were at Party City one day around Halloween. We walked out to find the Bat magnet was gone. Most likely taken from the punk teens parked next to us. Luckily I had two magnets and I simply moved the magnet from the door to the hood. 

It was all fun and games until the following January when the Bat Mobile was rearended on a somewhat snowy day. It was the day before I was supposed to start my spring semester. I was in a neck brace and wrist brace and my pride and joy, the Bat Mobile was totalled. Of course during the first class we were supposed to introduce ourselves and such. I quickly removed my neck brace and supported my head with my hand because I didn't want to be known as the girl in the neck brace for the rest of the semester.


In the beginning

In the beginning there were a lot of "colds" or bronchitis. At least that's what the doctors said. I was sick on and off for months (you'll see many sickness survival kits). My survival kits consisted of books, tissues, water, and soup. Now when I'm sick Pat always offers to make me chicken noodle soup because that's how his mom raised him (she did a good job). As tissues upon tissues piled up I just assumed that it was a three month sickness. I'd soon learn that doesn't really happen but that's for another day. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Teaching Kids

I loved doing silly things with my nephews. They were young so I loved making them laugh. I mean who doesn't want to hear little kids giggle. This one may have backfired. Well I thought it was funny at least. I thought it would be funny for B to wear his Easter basket in his head. Well he didn't take it off for at least a month. But he looked so cute with it on!



At this point in school, I was in pre-calc in order to take physics because you need those classes to teach 1st graders obviously. This teacher was ridculously hard and most students dropped out of his class. I really liked the teacher but that didn't make the class any easier. We had weekly quizzes and it was impossible to get a 100 on. At least I thought so until the day I got this baby.

I was so proud of myself. And I made sure to hang it on my parents' refrigerator because that's what you're supposed to do right?


Lowell Mills

Welcome back!

If you ever get a chance to explore go to the Lowell Mills. I love old mills. They fascinate me. Something draws me in. Maybe it's the old lives that still dwell there. I was given the chance by my sister. She was a fourth grade teacher and her class was going. She asked if I wanted to chaperone....duh. I wanted to be a teacher so chaperoning was at the top of my to do list. I loved it there and wouldn't hesitate to go back.

Home Sweet Home

Well hello,

Well this was a hard time in my life and most people in my immediate family. We had just lost my grandmother the previous year and we moved to a smaller house. Nothing could lessen the pain we were all feeling but we had some friends provide help which gave us some respite from the blows we had received. One of the most memorable was a cake by our family friend Terri. She was a maillady in Natick who drive the very large mail truck when she herself was very petite. Terri is a wonderful woman and the cake she made us was such a thoughtful and heartwarming gift. Plus I love cake.


Coolest Kid At The Toy Store

Hello everyone!

At this time in my life I was working in a got store and had worked there for a while, I ended up working there for 6 years. Well I was by far the coolest person to work there and mainly because I used an Avenger's lunchbox to bring my lunch to and from work. I love my Avenger's lunchbox but I then picked up a Rosie the Riveter lunchbox and in some cases that is the cooler lunchbox.


Spending time with D1

Hey everyone!

At this point in my schooling I had late classes two days a week. This gave me plenty of time to watch B and D1. B lived pretty far away so I only got to watch him while I was in vacation but D1's mom worked on my home town so her mom would drop D1 off and then be picked up by his mom. It was a great was to spend time with the littles and I loved them so much. And with D1 I grew close and we developed a special bond.


Easter Egg

I'm back....again. And I guess I'll pick up where I left off. Next up on my Instagram is this ginormous chocolate egg from a co-worker. Everyone close to me knows I essentially live off of sugar. So I was pretty psyched to get this giant egg. It was bigger than my hand and took my probably one sitting to eat. And as you see I got one like. This was before the time of hashtags or before I discovered them and that one like is my uncle.


P.S. sorry no exciting story to go with it.

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Life of a Sleepwalker

Many of my readers know I am a sleepwalker. It can affect my life and sometimes it doesn't. In November of 2011 (we're jumping back in time here) I ran out of my house in the middle of the night yelling help because I thought I was in the book The Stepford Wives. I had just finished the book so I dreamt the ending but with me as the main character. This was the most problematic sleepwalking. And it led to a sleep study.

Now you'll probably ask how you slept with all that? The answer is: You don't. There is goop in my hair and on my torso and I look like a robot. A super lame one at that. But there was a seascape painted on my wall which was supposed to help calm me. I also freaked the technician out. They don't actually know why you're there so when I told him sleepwalking he seemed really nervous. I guess sleepwalkers at 18 are hard to come by. Well nothing happened. I didn't sleepwalk but I did grind my teeth and we used that as a loophole to put me on sleeping medication which would keep me from sleepwalking for a very short period of time.


Sunday, May 29, 2016

My first trip to IHop

This was my first trip to IHop. My family and I were staying down at the Cape Codder Resort and decided to go out into the real world for some food. There is really nothing about this trip that is exciting but they had so many different flavors of syrup!

I really wanted to get all of the bottles of syrup in this but because of Instagram's previous square-only pictures it wasn't possible. But I got some. Being Buddy the Elf's cousin makes syrup and sugar my favorite things. So I was totally in sugar high heaven.


Saturday, May 28, 2016


I saw P!nk in concert and it was a dream come true. She was fantastic. I also question why concerts are on weekdays.

This was her stage for "The Truth About Love" Tour. Looking back her stage looks obscene. Her opening act was just weird and awful but enough about them. I was super impressed by all that P!nk could do. She can sing while doing acrobatics or spinning (in circles not the exercise). At one point she was harnessed and jumping up and down the height of the stage. I can't even run out the door without getting winded. This tour was when her daughter was around one so she was in incredible shape and I'm still baffled how she doesn't puke while spinning so much because I can't even look at a carousel without getting nauseous (thanks dad).


Friday, May 27, 2016

200 Questions! And has nothing to do with my Instagram misadventures

So some of these are repeating but for new readers I'll answer them for you. Also I get super sassy as the list goes on. Beware.
1: Are you ready for 200 questions?
Uh not really
2: Was your last relationship a mistake?
Last or current. Last yes and every last before that.
3: Do you miss your last relationship?
Uh no. It was a mistake.
4: Who did you last say "i love you" to?
Probably Pat or my mom.
5: Do you regret it?
Regret what? Saying I love you. No.
6: Have you ever been depressed?
Yes. I suffer from anxiety and depression.
7: Are you a boy or girl?
8: Are you insecure?
At times. But I'm working on getting over that. Kind of the point of the blog.
9: What is your relationship status?
Engaged to be engaged? Is that a thing?
10: How do you want to die?
In my sleep. Or not at all?
11: What did you last eat?
An apple.
12: Have you played any sports?
No. I'm clumsy. I like to pretend I can.
13: Do you bite your nails?
I used to.
14: When was your last physical fight?
I don't fight.
15: Do you have an attitude?
I don't know what you're talking about. 
16: Do you like someone?
No I like no one! Just kidding I try to like everyone.
17: What is your real name?
18: Have you ever read a book?
No I just have thousands of them for fun.
19: Are you gonna get high later?
No! Who came up with these??
20: Do you hate anyone at the moment?
The person who wrote this.
21: Do you miss someone?
I miss a lot of people.
22: Twirl or cut your spaghetti?
23: Do you tan a lot?
I rock the porcelain look.
24: Have any pets?
I have two cats. A baby duck and a chicken.
25: How exactly are you feeling?
Tired and hungry.
26: Ever eaten food in a car while someone or you are driving?
My car is my dining room half the time.
27: Ever made out in a bathroom?
Um. No. I pick better places like the closet or the couch.
28: Would you take any of your exes back?
Nope! Sorry boys.
29: Are you scared of spiders?
Yes very much.
30: Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
Probably. Because it would be cool.
31: Do you regret anything from your past?
I regret a lot of things.
32: What are your plans for this weekend?
Sleep in.
33: Do you want to have kids?
It depends on the day. But yes I suppose.
34: Did you ever kiss someone whose name starts with an M?
I don't think so.
35: Do you type fast?
Udidkekdjeow wiwkdkeje
36: Do you have piercings?
Yes nose and ears.
37: Want anymore?
38: Can you spell well?
I work with kids.
39: Do you miss anyone from your past?
I think I already answered this like 5 times.
40: What are you craving right now?
Pirates Booty and Cheesits
41: Ever been to a bonfire party?
42: Ever had a silly band?
Yes. Quite a few. Including Skip Jack Dave and the Sleepers.
43: Have you ever been on a horse?
Yes when I was in Kindergarten
44: Kissed someone in a pickup truck?
Don't remind me.
45: Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
Possibly. I don't know.
46: Have you ever been cheated on?
47: Have you ever made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
Maybe in private but not in front of me.
48: Are you thinking of someone right now?
Yes. You poor people reading this.
49: Would you live with someone without marrying them?
I do.
50: What should you be doing?
Blogging about real things?
51: What’s irritating you right now?
52: Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurts?
53: Does somebody love you?
I would hope my parents. At least they say they do.
54: What is your favorite color?
55: Have you ever changed clothes in a car?
Yes. Lots of times.
56: Milk chocolate or white chocolate?
Milk chocolate.
57: Do you have trust issues?
58: Best friends name?
Kelsey, Jenna, Michelle
59: 2nd best friends name?
See above
60: 3rd best friends name?
See above
61: Longest relationship?
2 1/2 years
62: Do you believe your most recent ex thinks about you?
I hope not.
63: Who was the last person you cried in front of?
The mirror.
64: Do you give out second chances too easily?
Yes, very much yes!
65: Is it easier to forgive or forget?
66: Is this year the best year of your life?
I think so so far.
67: What was your childhood nickname?
68: Have you ever walked outside completely naked?
Maybe as a baby. As an adult no.
69: Favorite food?
70: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
I do firmly believe this.
71: What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
Took my medicine.
72: Did you have dream last night?
Probably but none that I remember.
73: What is bothering you?
That I'm still answering this.
74: Have you ever been out of state?
Yes. I travel a lot to close by states.
75: Do you play the Wii?
Yes! Just Dance is my fave!
76: Are you listening to music right now?
77: Do you like Chinese food?
78: Who are you texting right now?
Pat and Michelle
79: Are you afraid of the dark?
Some nights.
80: Is cheating ever okay?
Um. No.
81: Are you mean?
I like to think I'm not.
82: Can you keep white shoes clean?
I try my hardest!
83: What year has been your best?
When I was two?
84: Do you believe in true love?
I sure do 
85: Favorite weather?
Warm and sunny
86: Do you like the snow?
No too cold for me.
87: Does it snow a lot where you live?
Yes, sadly.
88: Do you like the outside?
I love being outside!
89: Are you currently bored?
90: Do you want to get married?
I would like to.
91: Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
Yes it is.
92: Are you hungry?
Yes, I forgot my snacks today.
93: Have you ever made out for more than a half hour straight?
That's an awfully long time.
94: What makes you happy?
Disney! My friends! The little things.
95: Would you change your name?
No I'll keep that.
96: Ever been to Alaska?
97: Ever been to Hawaii?
In my dreams.
98: Do you watch the news?
I try not to.
99: Do you love MTV?
No. (when was this written??)
100: Do you like subway?
Subway underground not really. Subway food not really.
101: Would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed?
102: Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
Well we're dating so.... I hope he likes me.
103: Do you talk like your friends?
Kind of. Or maybe they talk like me.
104: Why did you decide to do this quiz?
So my readers get to know me.
105: Have you ever seen someone you knew and purposely avoided them?
Yes. All the time.
106: Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?
Yes. He's my significant other.
107: Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?
108: Do you feel good?
109: Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
Michelle because it was yesterday.
110: Favorite lyrics right now?
Lost Boy and Just Like Fire ❤❤❤
111: Can you count to one million?
I don't want to try.
112: Ever bought condoms?
No. TMI!
113: Ever gotten pregnant?
114: Ever failed a class?
115: Ever kissed a boy?
116: Ever kissed a girl?
Probably. Like my mom.
117: Ever used a little paper bag for lunch?
I love those things.
118: Have you ever had a job?
Yes. I have had quite a few.
119: Have you ever slipped on ice?
Yes. I'm clumsy.
120: Have you ever missed the bus?
121: Have you left the house without money?
122: Did you ever bully someone on the internet?
are inappropriate
129: Did you ever drink alcohol?
Yes. I'm 23.
130: Did you ever watch “The Breakfast Club”?
Yes I love that movie
131: Have you ever been overweight?
132: Ever had an eating disorder?
133: Ever been to a wedding?
134: Ever been in a wedding?
135: Did you ever made fun of someone for being fat?
No that's awful!
136: Have you ever been on the computer for 5 hours straight?
137: Did you ever watch TV for 5 hours straight?
Yes. Netflix
138: Ever been late for work?
139: Ever been late for school?
140: Ever kissed in the rain?
Yes it's wet.
142: Did you ever fail a driver’s test?
143: Have you ever run a mile in less than 10 minutes?
Yes I used to run a lot.
144: Ever been outside your home country?
Canada count?
145: Ever been on a road trip longer than 5 hours?
Yes to Florida and Illinois.
146: Did you ever get your heart broken?
Yes I have.
147: Ever had a credit card?
148: Ever been to a professional sports game?
I go all the time!
149: Did you ever broken a bone?
Yes actually quite a lot.
150: Have you ever been unhappy about my weight?
Yes but I got over it.
151: Did you ever win a trophy in your life?
Yes for having the best pajamas in 8th grade drama.
154: Ever got engaged?
155: Have you ever been on a diet?
Yes the I eat everything in sight diet.
156: Have you ever been on TV?
On local TV
157: Ever rode in a taxi?
Yes in NYC
158: Ever been to prom?
3 of them
159: Ever played a drinking game?
160: Ever stayed up for 24 hours or more?
I've tried and failed
161: Ever been to a concert?
164: Have you ever been in a car accident?
Yes two
165: Ever had braces?
166: Did you ever learn another language?
I know sign language
167: Ever killed an animal?
No 
168: Ever been to a Japanese steakhouse?
169: Do you wear make-up?
Eyeliner and mascara on a good day.
170: Did you ever talked to someone via webcam?
Plenty of times.
171: Did you ever have wisdom teeth taken out?
Nope but it's coming
172: Did you ever kiss someone a different race than yourself?
No. I feel like that makes me a bad person.
173: Ever dyed your hair?
Yes. Its currently blue.
174: Did you ever graduated from college?
Not yet.
175: Did you ever wear someone else’s clothes?
I share my sisters' clothes all the time.
Psyche! I reached my word count! And that was super excessive!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Liquor Bunny

At this time I worked at a small toy store in my hometown. We had lots of things for Easter, including candy. These arrived and we were all thrilled because they were so darn cute!

What a cutie! Well the packaging says that this bunny contains chocolate liquor, which when baked off has no alcoholic properties. Well my boss didn't quite read the packaging and we had some really upset parents coming in thinking we were selling liquor to kids. I promise you this did not have liquor in it but I got a free chocolate bunny because there was such an uproar among parents.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Easter of 2013

I used to be a preschool CCD (or Sunday school) teacher. The weekend before Easter was always my last class with my cherubs. I really loved those classes and always came home with funny stories. I always liked to give my students something before Christmas and before Easter so one year I decided to make them these:

They came out super cute with their little cotton tails on the back. Well me being me procrastinated until the night before my last class. No problem can bang them out quickly make them look nice, blah, blah, blah. Except I promised to go see my friend in his play that night. Oops. So I made 2 and had 6 left to go. Luckily I managed to get 8 done by class the next day. And yes, the year after I procrastinated again, but had the whole night to make them.


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

D1 As A Mini Monkey Man

First a foremost, look at those chubby cheeks. So meet D1. You will learn soon that there are two children related to me that have names that begin with D. D1 was born first therefore he gets a 1. I chose to watch D1 while on spring break as well. I had just returned from watching B. D1 and B are about a year apart (so if you're following I have a 2 and a 1 year old nephew.) I'm watching this little one before work one day and I needed to get ready for work. How do you handle a toddling almost two year old and get ready? Well you take a laundry basket and put pillows in it and stick the kid in there. Then you run back and forth between rooms frantically trying to get ready and making sure the kid is okay. Well D1 is fine. And you are all probably horrified now because I am a professional nanny but have no fear I know how to juggle children and many other tasks at once, as nannies often do, without putting a child in the laundry basket. This was also over two years ago as D1 will be 4 at the end of this month.


Monday, May 23, 2016

B As A Baby

In previous posts you have seen B. Well here is a glimpse into B as a baby. Well almost 2 year old. In his little chair, which S now uses, with Curious George, and his sippy, looking like a little old man. I used to babysit B every once in a while when he was little, mainly when I was on spring or summer breaks at college. I'm assuming this was winter break. Not much has changed except he talks more and is a little more sassy. But overall still a little man.


Sunday, May 22, 2016

Let's Start At The Very Beginning

Hey everyone!

We're going to go through the past three years of my life as told by Instagram. That's what my blog was meant to be. Look back and learn and grow from it. So let's start. Each day I'll take a picture or series of pictures from my Instagram and tell the story behind them. I hope you'll enjoy learning with me and following my misadventures. So here we go:

The short story of this is I love bread. And I will always eat maximum amount of bread. I think we were at Outback for my mom's birthday and I decided to pick up the whole loaf of bread, knife and all to take a ridiculous picture and thus post my first Instagram picture. I am almost up to 1993 pictures on Instagram (the year I was born, I'm trying to hit that for my birthday) so you all are in for a wild ride. And you'll later learn my cat Bear also loves bread.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tsum tsum Tuesday

Happy tsum tsum Tuesday! My favorite day of the month!!
I found this tsum tsum questionaire and thought it would be fun!
1. How many tsum tsums do you have?
I have 180 minis as of today. 11 are in their way from the UK
8 micros
1 small
3 mediums
1 large
2. What was your first?
Dumbo because I collect Dumbos. Now I'm obsessed with all of them.
3. Do you have a full set?
Yes I do. I'm not a finisher. I just get the ones I really like but I do have a few full sets.
4. What is your favorite set?
101 Dalmatians! And the new Alice set!
5. Who is your most wanted tsum?
I really want Tiger Lily, John and Michael from the Peter Pan set. They're in my top as well as the final Dalmatian.
6. What set do you want them to make?
What set don't I want them to make. I want Beauty and the Beast. I want Pocahontas. I want Sleeping Beauty! There's too many.
7. Do just collect Disney or do you collect Star Wars and Marvel?
Again I collect certain characters. Thor is the love of my life. And I love the avengers so Marvel was a no brainer. I haven't really seen many of the Star Wars movies but I like R2D2 and Wicket. So I have Wicket in all his sizes.
8. Do you have any Clinton's/Target/ non-Disney company tsums?
Yes I do because I wanted tsums that were released before I started collecting.
9. Do you dislike any tsums?
I try to stay away from the villains because I'm a happy person and sometimes they scare me. But Jabba the Hut looks like an ugly slug in tsum form so if I had to choose one I'd choose him. Also C3PO looks like a goldfish I don't like him either.
10. Do you think they should rerelease any of the previous sets?
101 Dalmatians! With more dalmatians! Other than that I have what I want and I think they're very thorough in releasing main characters that people love.


Monday, May 16, 2016

My Crazy Cleaning Spree

On Sunday, all I really wanted to do was stay in bed and read. Well I knew I should do the laundry. So I started a load. Then I remembered I needed to write pen pal letters. So I wrote them labeled them and got them ready to send out. Then my messy floor was bothering me. So I take everything off the floor and put it on the bed to clean. Then I decided my bureau was too messy and that ended up in my bed too. And my closet wasn't organize so you guessed it... It went on the bed. At around 2 pm I realized I made a huge mess and it all needed to be organized and cleaned. So I called in some reinforcement. My favorite OCD nanny. Although she was only there for an hour she was helpful and took the clothes off the bed and folded them. Until she noticed inside my dresser was messy. Then she had to take out and fold all of those clothes. I spent HOURS sorting through stuff, putting stuff away, fixing stuff, and throwing stuff away. In the end I finished exhausted! So I took a bath and read until 9 when I fell asleep.


P.S. next weekend it's the rest of the house.

A Case of the Monday

Ugh. It's Monday again. I don't normally mind Mondays but this one is strangely cold even for Mass. I can also feel the lack of sleep kicking in and clearly my head isn't on right.
Two things happened this morning and it's only 11am.
1. I put my jeans on backwards. The thing about jeans is there is distinctly a front and a back. So I'm not really sure how that happened.
2. I forgot my water on top of my car and drove off. Luckily it's a super sturdy water bottle and there was no damage except a few scrapes. I was also backing out of a driveway so I was going like 10mph tops.
My nanny kid B is clearly feeling the weight of this cold Monday too. We always go to the playground when B gets out of school. So off we head to the playground (despite the wind it's still 50 out). B complained the whole way. First it was that at recess when he went outside his hands turned to ice. Okay dude. Not convincing me. Then it was his tummy was rumbly. That's a legit one. But still lunch isn't for an hour. Finally, it was too sunny and we didn't bring his sunglasses. We never bring his sunglasses. Ever. And it's been a lot sunnier. Well we made it to the playground and he forgot all his woes.
Also the last who parked her car at the playground to walk to church locked her car about 17 times because me and my two and four year old charges definitely want to commit grand theft auto with your Subaru older than my parents.
Luckily S is in such a good mood and has no idea what's going on or that it's Monday.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I love Dubsmash. I don't always use it the way other people do. I use it to practice my signing.

I'm currently working on a full song video so stay tuned for that!


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Don't Shop When You're Hungry

So on yesterday's episode of "What you buy at Wal-Mart when you're hungry" I bought two items

Here you see Blue Raspberry Pop tarts and Sugar Cookie Dough. Sugar Cookie Dough is just a normal grocery item but these Blue Raspberry Pop tarts were an on a whim buy and I thought they would taste delicious.

Spoiler alert: they did not.

They tasted like orange juice after you've just brushed your teeth. So unless you really like that taste I suggest not trying these anytime soon.


Monday, May 2, 2016

This or That I

I've seen these all over Facebook! I think I'm going to try to do one once a week so you can get to know me better!

Bath or shower? Bath (with bath bombs of course!)

•Straight or curly hair? Curly

•Favorite holiday? Christmas 

•Android or iPhone? These are not the droids you are looking for

•Texting or call? Call me. 😉

•Facebook or twitter? Facebook (Instagram is really my favorite @themisadventuresofmackenzie)

•Favorite type of food? Pizza if that's a type

•Dream job? Singer 

•Favorite pizza? Cheese with extra sauce

•Favorite cake? Funfetti! Who's isn't?

•Talking or fighting? Talking. I don't know who would pick fighting. I try to avoid fighting at all costs

•Night or day? Day! Mainly because I can't stay up very late. I'm more of a morning person

•Summer or winter? Summer! I love the beach and the heat

•Wine or whiskey? Um.....neither. I don't drink. Well I guess wine because I make a mean sangria with ig

•Makeup or no makeup? I wear eyeliner and mascara on a good day!

•Favorite TV show? The Walking Dead is really all I watch. Other than Chopped

•Hair up or down? Up! So much easier to handle

•Jeans or leggings? Leggings! Especially LulaRoe.

•Painted or none painted nails? Depends on the day. I love them painted but I'm too lazy to paint them.

•Favorite color? Green

•T-shirt or dress shirt? T-shirt

•Flip flops or sneakers? Flip flops 

•Big purse or small? Backpacks

•How many tattoos? Currently 3. 6 more to come!

•How many piercings? 2 (my ears and my nose) 

•Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds are so shiny but pearls are so classy. It's a toss up.

•Favorite animal? Elephants!

•Rap or country music? I'm a country girl.

Let me know what kind of posts you want to see!


Friday, March 25, 2016

Proof Jenna and I are the Same Person

Jenna and I became really good friends really fast. She is now one of my four bestest friends.
You will hear plenty of stories about us. But today I want to tell you how we're the same person.

For Christmas last year she got me Disney Guess Who. Naturally we had to play it right there, in the dining hall. Well we only played two rounds. Both rounds we chose the same characters. Halfway through the second round I stopped, looked at her, and said, "Please tell me you didn't pick Marie." She did. And I had too. I'm pretty sure we both have the same mind and we definitely finish each others........


Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Many Faces

I make lots of different faces. Please enjoy the following:

 I can be serious
 My beard is real
 I can out sass you
I should have been a cowgirl 
 I'm warm for once!
 I can't breathe through my nose
 I'm going to hit someone with this mallet
 How do I use this?
 Yes I want to build a snowman
 Rock on
 Uhhh...I don't know
I think there's something in my eye 
 I'd make a good looking cop
 Do you have tickets to this gun show?
 Let's address the elephant in the room
I scrunch my face when I'm excited
 At peace
 Please stop taking pictures
 I forgot how to smile
 I can be really happy
 I got my own fire helmet
 I will take you down
 Haters gonna hate
 Nap time
 I can't see
 I'm done with today
 All the love
 I'm possessed.
 What am I doing?
 Can I please taker her home?
 Look at the squishy
 This lollipop is as big as my face
 Making a very important phone call
 I'm too legit to quit
 I mustache you a question
 I will eat this in one sitting
I am unamused
 I look incredible
 I don't want to guess anymore
 Poppin' tags
 Must squish the baby
 I'm stuck
 My precious
 Ms. Tough Guy
 I didn't choose the thug life.
No I will not. 
 I just want to be warm
 I am the walrus
 Why can't I play?
 I touched the butt
 Your hair smells
 But but the elephant
 Beer is gross
 Please let me out
Yes I see you judging me for eating a hot dog at Five Guys